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CISCO Networking Gear


Cisco Original | Cisco "Re-certified" modules

Purchase Cisco original re-certified transceivers at 35% - 75% less than what you normally pay. These can be added to the existing SmartNet contract. In addition to Cisco's warranty, the vendor will provide a 1-year defective replacement warranty.

Cisco Original | "Vendor Refurbished"  modules

Alternatively, we are able to supply vendor refurbished, "like-new", Cisco original SFPs at even higher discounts. These vendor-refurbished, Cisco original SFPs come with a 3-year defective replacement warranty from the vendor.



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Cisco is refurbishing and re-certifying their "customer-returned, new open box" switches and routers and placing them in the market at unbeatable prices. These products are eligible for Cisco's standard warranty and SmartNet.

Campus LAN - Access Switches 

Catalyst 9200 series        Catalyst 4500 series        Catalyst 2960-CX series                 

Catalyst 9200L                   Catalyst 3850 series         Catalyst 2960-X series

Catalyst 9300 series        Catalyst 3650 series         Catalyst 2960-L series

Catalyst 9300L                   Catalyst 3650-CX series  Catalyst 2960 plus series

Catalyst 9400 series


Meraki MS210 series  Meraki M350-24X

Meraki 225 series        Meraki MS410    

Meraki 250 series        Meraki MS 425

Meraki 350 series        MS120, MS120-8

Campus LAN - Core and Distribution 

Catalyst 9500 series        Catalyst 6500 virtual        Nexus 7000 

Catalyst 9600 series        Catalyst 4500 series    

Catalyst 6800 series        Catalyst 4500-X series

Catalyst 6500 series        Catalyst 3850 series

Data Center Switches, Racks 

Nexus 9000 series        Nexus 5000 series    R series racks         

Nexus 7000 series        Nexus 3000 series    R series PDUs

Nexus 6000 series        Nexus 2000 series

MDS series Switches and Directors

MDS 9718 Multilayer Director        MDS 9148-32G Multilayer Fabric Switch        

MDS 9710 Multilayer Director        MDS 9132T-32G Multilayer Fabric Switch

MDS 9706 Multilayer Director        MDS 9250i – Multiservice Fabric Switch

MDS 9396T-32G Multilayer Fabric Switch

Wireless Access Points

Catalyst Access Points - WiFi 6 (802.11ax) 

Catalyst 9130 access points

Catalyst 9120 access points

Catalyst 9117 access points

Catalyst 9115 access points

Cloud Managed

Meraki MR55

Meraki MR45

Aironet Access Points – Wave2 (802.11ac)

Aironet 4800 series

Aironet 3800 series

Aironet 2800 series

Aironet 1800 series

Outdoor and Industrial Access Points

Aironet 1570 series

Aironet 1560 series

Aironet 1552 series

Aironet 1550 series – Hazardous Environments

Aironet 1540 series

Wireless 3700 series – Industrial - Extreme Environments

Wireless  IW6300 - Heavy Duty, Hazardous Locations

Wireless 6300 series – Embedded 

Catalyst IE3400 series – Heavy Duty

Catalyst IE3200 series – Rugged series

Catalyst IE3300 series – Rugged series

Industrial 5000 series

Industrial 4000 series

Industrial 4010 series

Industrial 3000 series

Industrial 2000 series

Industrial 1000 series

Small Business Access Points 

500 series

300 series

200 series

100 series

Wireless LAN Controllers 

Catalyst 9800-L            Catalyst 9800 embedded  in 9100 AP         Public Cloud        Mobility Express (no ctrl)

Catalyst 9800-40        Catalyst 9800 embedded in 9000 Switch        Private Cloud

Catalyst 9800-80


Branch Routers

ISR 4000 series

ISR 1000 series

ISR 900 series

WAN Aggregation Routers 

NCS 5000 series

NCS 5500 series

ASR 1000 series

NCS - Network Convergence Systems

ASR – Aggregation Service Routers 

– Typically used at Internet EDGE

Edge Routers

ASR 9000

ASR 1000

Service Provider Routers

Cisco 8000 series

NCS 500 series

NCS 5500 series

ASR 9000 series

Industrial ISR (Integrated Service Routers)

Industrial 1100 series ISR – Rugged

Industrial 800 series ISR

Industrial 1000 series – CGR – Rugged, Modular

Industrial 500 series WPAN IR

CGR: Connected Grid Routers 

Small Business ISR 

ISR 1000 series

ISR 900 series

Meraki MX Security Appliances

Small Business RV series


IOS XRv 9000

CSR 1000v (CSR) – Cloud Services Router

Meraki  vMX100

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