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Looking for a brand new Cisco UCS Server?

Procure the exact UCS server configuration at an additional 35-45% discount. Our Servers are Grade-A, "like-new" Cisco re-certified or vendor refurbished systems. These systems don't fail. 

In addition, they can be put on Cisco's SmartNet maintenance with ease. Alternatively, Citadel can also provide Third Party Maintenance SLAs based on 8x5, 4-hour response with replacement, 24x7, 4-hour response with replacement, and 24x7, 4-hour response with on-site maintenance, in most major cities around the world.  Other plans are also available




White Box Servers or Cisco UCS Servers?

Cisco UCS is considered to be one of the highest-performing class of enterprise servers across a broad spectrum of workloads. These servers have obtained more than 100 world-record benchmarks.

Some IT organizations assemble their data center environments from individual components and spend significant amounts of time manually accomplishing basic integration tasks. However,
Cisco UCS (Unified Computing System), which is a next generation data center platform, has integrated computing, networking, and storage access and virtualization into one cohesive system. This system is designed to reduce total cost of ownership and increase business agility. Cisco offers the only "true" unification of servers, networking, and storage. All the connections are already made for you through a high performance computing fabric and centralized management. Cisco UCS brings the flexibility of virtual systems to the physical world in a way that no other server architecture can.

in addition to the reduced total cost of ownership compared to white box servers, Cisco UCS servers: 

  • are at least 25% more power efficient, have world-class performance 
  • are very secure (Cisco's Secure Development Lifecycle)
  • have robust management of standalone servers (1 -1000)
  • have integrated rack and blade server-management from a single interface
  • globally manage globally distributed data centers
  • have policy based composable infrastructure and fabric-centered architecture
  • and have high performance fabric and centralized management 

Cisco UCS servers are well-suited for a wide range of storage and I/O intensive applications such as: Big Data Analytics, Database, Collaboration, Virtualization, Consolidation and High Performance Computing. They can be used as standalone or as part of a Cisco Unified Computing System. Deliver apps and services faster across physical and virtual environments, improve app performance, scale without complexity, eliminate redundant infrastructure and increase IT staff productivity. 

For your next data center refresh, consider Cisco's Re-certified servers and get the best of both worlds. Reduce costs and keep the same Cisco UCS benefits. Contact us for more details.  

Transceiver Part Numbers

Transceiver Part Numbers


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