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Citadel Service Express

Third party maintenance

What do we do?

Extend the life of your expensive IT infrastructure assets, even after the OEM's warranty and service are expired.

A piece of equipment that is considered EOL (End-of-life) does not need to be decommissioned.

Utilize our services to elongate the life of your equipment rather than refreshing your entire infrastructure.

 Whether it’s a production environment or a dev environment, every minute of your server/network downtime is expensive.


According to Gartner, the useful life of hardware is 7 -- 10 years.

did you know?

Maintain the existing IT infrastructure with the help of highly experienced engineers through our Third Party Maintenance program and save 30-70% compared to the manufacturer maintenance costs.


Send us an email at

  • Can you count on your current maintenance service provider?

  • Are they keeping the SLA as agreed?

  • Are they able to keep the systems up and running on their first call?

  • Are you satisfied with their response times?

  • Are they able to support multi-vendor products or are they pointing fingers at others?

  • Are they able to support multi-platforms?

if you mostly answered no...

please contact us today!


Cisco UCS, Dell, Lenovo, IBM, HPE, Oracle, NetApp, HDS, Brocade

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