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Creative Financing

Citadel Technologies, Inc. Offers Leasing/Financing Solutions through prominent IT capital providers

 Exercise the Power of Financing -- Flexible IT Equipment Financing Solutions -


Whether you are establishing a state of the art data center, or refreshing your existing data center, acquiring all necessary equipment, and bundling all of these purchases, and placing them under one financing program that offers an acceptable, low monthly payment, will be appreciated by every organization.


Products & Services:


Blade servers, Storage servers, Workstations, Tablets, Laptops, Phones,  Networking gear,  Wireless equipment, Phone systems, Printing and scanning systems, Cabling, Infrastructure software, Application software, Professional services, Consulting, Training, Subscriptions, Renewals, Upgrades and SLAs. 



Manufacturer recertified or vendor refurbished equipment can also be included in this program.


FINANCE Features:


  • Flexible terms and repayment options

  • Request $0 down, step or skip payment options

  • $250,000 with a simple application

  • IT equipment financing up to $1 Million

  • 100% Financing including soft costs

  • Terms up to 72 months

  • Fast credit decisions

  • Buy from multiple vendors and still place them under one plan

  • Possible tax savings

Please contact us today for further details:

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