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Data Center Consolidation | Data Center Refresh | Cloud Migration | Data Center Closure 

If you are planning to embark on any one of the above mentioned processes that result in un-needed data center equipment with data-bearing devices, you will need to seriously consider the four tenets of the IT asset disposition process:
Data Security
Securely remove all data on all types of data-bearing devices and be compliant with the environmental, re-use and recycling, health and safety standards in order to prevent data breaches and fines.
Cost of ITAD process
Cost/Benefit analysis to see whether to make use of the company’s internal staff or outsource and hire professionals who have the know-how and the right appliances to do this process right and be legally compliant and protect the company’s brand equity. 
Planning, Secure Execution, Responsible Recycling
Who is going to take charge and manage this tedious process?  How do you schedule this process along with the changes that are happening in your data center?  How many different types of data bearing devices are there? What steps to take to expunge the data on various devices?  Can you recoup some value out of retired equipment?  How do you handle the logistics?  How do you responsibly dispose and recycle equipment that may not have any value? Do we need to hire a project manager?
Value Recovery
for the items being decomissioned
In order to recoup some value out of dis-positioned equipment, they have to be cleaned, tested, graded, packaged, serial-numbered, security tagged and safely stored.  In the event of transporting these devices to a warehouse, how do you keep the chain of custody, tracking and control?  At this juncture, you must conduct fair market value analysis on each product, advertise and find markets for this equipment. Leave these technicalities for Citadel Tech to handle.
Citadel Technologies can provide world class decommissioning, on-site or off-site data-erasure, de-gaussing, shredding and recycling services in all major cities around the world.  Our ITAD specialists are ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environmental), OHSAS 18001 (Health & Safety), R2 (Electronic Reuse and Recycling), NIST 800-99 and DoD 5220.22M certified and can help implement these processes diligently according to global compliance standards.  We use sophisticated software to wipe, remove and track all data bearing devices that are decommissioned.
Data security and compliance are paramount in every step of the process.  Citadel and its associates will be diligent in tracking, recording and reporting on all of these steps.
We can analyze various platforms (server, storage, networking) and various types of equipment therein at customer’s data centers, study their depreciation schedules, do a fair market value analysis on the list of equipment and give advice on costs and benefits of going through the transition. We would also be able to provide an approximate cost of the ITAD process for your particular environment, give advice on decommission-planning and secure execution, and possibly provide a value that could be recovered for the customer (depends on the age of the equipment) and the time-frame needed to complete this process.
Recovery Value
We are a reseller.  Over the years, we have built up a large client base in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia.  We are in a position to sell decommissioned, cleaned, and certified refurbished equipment to our customers.  This sales process helps us in recouping some of your investment.  After all, isn’t this better than filling up our landfills or incinerating toxic-waste and polluting our environment?    
With very large scale ITAD projects under our belt and a platoon of decom engineers and specialists, we are certain that we can tackle your next ITAD project.
Please Contact Us at or call us at (508) 407 8146
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