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Citadel Technologies

Lower Costs, Same Products. 

Celebrating 14 years in business

Our Mission

Lower Costs, Same Products. 

Citadel Technologies is an experienced re-seller of enterprise IT hardware with an expertise in specialized servers, networking equipment, memory, and processors. We focus on refurbished or re-certified data-center equipment that offer the same performance as new equipment while coming at a much lower cost than brand new equipment from OEMs. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide affordable hardware for a wide range of storage and I/O intensive applications such as: Big Data Analytics, Database, Collaboration, Virtualization, Consolidation, and High Performance Computing. 


In addition to its core revenue sources, Citadel offers a handful of added services that pair well with hardware sales, namely third party servicing/maintenance and credit financing for large infrastructure upgrades. 


  • Cisco UCS Servers at a 35 – 75%discount!

  • Cisco Re-certified, Grade-A quality and SmartNet Eligible

  • Servers from highly-experienced professionals

  • Fast Delivery

  • Simplify your Server Infrastructure

  • Deploy Applications faster

  • Tackle graphics intensive apps

  • Simplify systems management

  • Cisco Networking Equipment – (Most Common SKUs):  35 – 85% Discounts!

  • Cisco Recertified and Grade-A

  • From highly experienced professionals

  • Fast Delivery!

  • Rugged computers

  •  Fan-less systems

  •  Panel PCs

  • Embedded computers

  •  Mission Critical Systems

  •  High-end Workstations

  • High Performance computers

  •  HPC Clusters

  • CAD Workstations... and much more.

  • We provide Intel Scalable Processors and Nvidia GPUs!

  • Intel CPUs: Great Quality Products, Attractive Prices, Quicker Deliveries

  • Memory Experts – Commercial & Industrial Grade

  • Original Memory at Highly Discounted Prices!

  • Servers: Dell, HPE, Lenovo, Oracle, Supermicro and others

  • Memory Solutions: OEM, Samsung, Micron and Hynix

  • Securely decommission your old IT equipment and convert them into cash!

  • Highly experienced ITAD professionals with large successful ITAD projects under their belts! 

  • Compliance met and compliance delivered! 

  • ISO 9001 – ISO 14001 – OHSAS 18001 – R2 – NIST 800.99 – DoD 5220.22M

  • Planned and executed impeccably!


Supplementary Services

Citadel Service Express

​Whether it’s production or dev environment, every minute of your server/network downtime costs a lot in terms of business or lost employee productivity.  On top of this, it creates backlogs and frustrations among all departments. 

Extend the life of your expensive IT infrastructure assets, even after the manufacturer’s warranty and service are expired. How? We can help maintain your existing IT infrastructure through our Third Party Maintenance program. Save 30-70% compared to the manufacturer maintenance costs.  

Creative Financing 

​Whether you are establishing a new, state of the art data center or refreshing your existing data center, it is undoubtedly important to acquire all necessary equipment, bundle all of these purchases, and place them under one financing or lease plan. This offers an acceptable, consistent monthly payment that will certainly be appreciated by every organization.




CONTACT US    (508) 407 8146

EMAIL    info@c-del.com

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